«Chelik» LLC offers following services:

General Contractor

  • Performing major types of construction and installation operations: site preparation, earthworks and stone works, construction and installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, construction of load-bearing and enclosing structures of buildings, roofing, finish works and startup, creation and installation of internal and external utility systems and equipment, work quality control.
  • Designing interiors and elite finishing of indoor premises.
  • Entering subcontract agreements for certain work types, control of time frame and quality of works performed, supervision of obligation fulfillment under contractor and subcontractor agreements.
  • Ensuring fire safety of construction and installation materials, labor and environment protection.
  • Engineering services.
  • Facility commissioning in presence of inspection board and Customer on a «turn-key» basis.

To reduce time frame and ensure high quality of operations performed the company involves special organizations for cooperation to perform following design-related work types:

  • architectural design
  • building design and construction
  • design of outdoor networks and systems
  • development of estimate documents

Thanks to European-level work organization, involvement of high-quality engineering and technical staff, use of innovation western technology, high-quality materials from domestic and foreign manufacturers, as well as multi-year experience in the Russian construction market the company has achieved a high level of result delivery within short time frames.